Forum for Refugees Japan-FRJ Network for supporting refugees in Japan


Forum for Refugees in Japan (FRJ)is a network of NGOs and agencies supporting refugees/ asylum seekers who have fled to Japan. It was established in 2004 in the name of Refugee Council Japan (RCJ) to achieve better protection environment for refugees. It was renamed Forum for Refugees Japan (FRJ) in 2009 to intensify its activities in cooperation with UNHCR. Since then, FRJ has engaged in advocacy, empowerment of refugees, and discussion with stakeholders among civil society and administration side for solution of issues.

FRJ comprises of board, steering committee, secretariat, working groups, project teams and task forces. FRJ is based in Tokyo but covers nationwide.

FRJ aims at better protection of refugees in Japan. While networking and sharing information among member organizations, FRJ coordinates activities of members to provide services for refugees such as legal advice, counseling, medical access, accommodation, assistance in education, detention center visit, etc.
Advocacy is an integral part of our activities as well. We jointly advocate on specific issues for advancing the rights of refugees.

(24 members as of June, 2022)

  • Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Forum for Refugees Japan (FRJ)

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