NGO Counseling Services 

List of NGO Counseling Services in Japan. Consultation with any of the organizations listed here is free of charge.

Need help legal support

難民支援協会(JAR)/ Japan Association for Refugees 

  • Tel:0120-477-472(フリーダイヤル/Toll-free call)、03-5379-6003
  • Open:10:00~17:00(平日/weekday)
  • ※電話相談は10:00~17:00(月〜金)対応可、事務所での相談は月・火・水・金の11:00〜14:00のみ
  • ※Telephone available 10:00-17:00 (Monday to Friday), office consultation directly available only 11:00 -14:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • 対応言語:日・仏・英/Japanese , French and English speaking

イエズス会社会司牧センター /Jesuit Social Center Tokyo

  • Tel:03-5215-1844
  • Open:10:00~17:00(平日/weekday)
  • 対応言語:日・英/Japanese and English speaking
  • 予約について:法律相談をしたい場合は、イエズス会社会司牧センターの移民デスクの担当・安藤勇神父 または Fr. Nha (ニャー神父)に電話かメールで予約をしてください。
  • Reservation required:Please make an appointment for Fr.Ando & Fr. Nha when you need legal support via E-mail or phone.


Need help about statelessness

無国籍ネットワーク /Stateless Network

  • Open:24H hours  返信に時間を有することがあります(Emails are accepted 24 hours, but response may not be very quick)
  • 対応言語;日・英・中/Japanese, English and Chinese speaking



Need living support

日本国際社会事業団(ISSJ)/International Social Service Japan

  • Tel:03-5840-5711
  • Open:10:00~18:00(平日/weekday)
  • 対応言語:日・英/Japanese and English speaking


Need help about Japanese learning and education

社会福祉法人さぽうと21(さぽうと21)/Support21 Social Welfare Foundation

  • Tel:03-5449-1331
  • Open:10:00~17:00(平日/weekday)
  • E-mail:
  • 対応言語:日・英/Japanese and English speaking


For those who live in the Kansai Region

RAFIQ(在日難民との共生ネットワーク)/RAFIQ JAPAN

  • Tel:06-6335-4440
  • Open:13:00~17:00(平日/weekday)
  • 対応言語:日・英/Japanese  and English speaking


For those who live in the Tokai Region(Near Nagoya)

名古屋難民支援室(DAN)/Door to Asylum Nagoya

  • Tel:070-5444-1725 
  • Open:10:00~18:00(平日/weekday)
  • 対応言語:日・英/Japanese and English speaking



Look for job opportunities or professional career


  • Tel:080-3584-1991
  • Open:9:00-18:00(平日/weekday)
  • 対応言語:日・英/Japanese and English speaking